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Image of 2 Collapsible Square Food Containers, 220ml

2 Collapsible Square Food Containers, 220ml

Swap throwaway tinfoil and cling film for these versatile food storage boxes that you can use again and again. Supplied as a set of two, the small square containers are just perfect for storing leftovers in the fridge or for keeping dried foods, such...

Image of 3-in-1 Flashing LED Charging Cable

3-in-1 Flashing LED Charging Cable

Bring some colourful fun to your mobile device charging and synching with this LED 3-in-1 cable. Fitted along its length with bright blue LEDs, it automatically lights up and flashes when in use. Perfect for all your charging needs, it comes with the...

Image of 50 LED Droplet Solar Lights

50 LED Droplet Solar Lights

Create a magnificent rainbow display outside with these sparkling multi-coloured string lights. The large plastic droplets light up in 4 fabulous colours (red blue, green and warm white) to create a mesmerising light show at night.Requiring no fiddling...

Image of 54 Key Digital Piano

54 Key Digital Piano

Teach yourself the piano on this easy-to-use compact digital keyboard. A fantastic gift for anyone who has always wanted to play, whether aged 6, 16 or 60, it makes a stylish but unobtrusive addition to any home. Lightweight and portable, it is easy to...

Image of 54 Key Digital Piano and Stand

54 Key Digital Piano and Stand

Play the piano anywhere in the house with this lightweight and portable set. Perfect for beginners of any age, it comprises a feature-packed 54 key electronic keyboard and a height adjustable stand. Taking up virtually no room you can set it up in the...

Image of Bedside Charging Station With Clock Radio

Bedside Charging Station With Clock Radio

Wake up in the morning fully charged and ready to go! The perfect bedside companion for the 21st century, this sleek and stylish gadget combines a charging and docking station with a state of the art radio alarm clock.Available in Black and White to suit...

Image of Bottle in a Glass

Bottle in a Glass

Great for parties and as a present, a giant wine glass that'll hold the entire bottle - no need for constant topping up!

Image of Brushed Steel Thermal Cafetière 6 Cup

Brushed Steel Thermal Cafetière 6 Cup

If you find standard cafetières just don’t make enough coffee when you have friends round, our large one is perfect. Made exclusively for us, it has a substantial 1 litre capacity, which makes enough for 6 generous cups.Made in a sleek brushed...

Image of Candelabra Cake Decoration

Candelabra Cake Decoration

Pull out all the stops at any celebration with this positively posh cake candle holder! Elevating even the most humble of cakes to something quite out of the ordinary, the candelabra style holder adds some bling to their candle blowing! Fun and fabulous,...

Image of Candle Stick Lights (6)

Candle Stick Lights (6)

Enjoy all the flicker but none of the fuss! Safe to use in flower displays, near curtains or anywhere else without having to worry, our authentic-looking, battery powered candles create an amber glow that looks just like the real thing.

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